Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is the Village Hall?

A: School Lane, south Cerney

the booking secretary

Q: How can I book it?

A: The booking secretary is Kate or Laura. Preferably email '' or phone 07724 518131. Note the same email address is used for Fenton's and the Village Hall.

Q: How much is it to book?

A: Between £7 and £15 per hour depending on the type of group, time and circumstances

Q: When is the hall open?

A: from 0900 to 2345 hrs every day


Q: Does the hall have Wi-Fi?

A: Not at present


Q: Why the Village Hall now that we have Fenton's?

A: The Village Hall is ideal for many clubs, meetings and activities.  Fenton’s has been designed to complement the Village Hall, not to complete with it.  In due course, bookings for South Cerney Village Hall will also be possible through the same Hallmaster system.


Q: What about dogs?

A: Dogs are welcome in the building.

Q: Can I hire the main hall for my child's party?

A: The Village Hall is perfect for them with kitchen facilities and room for a bouncy castle!


Q: What if I have another question?

A: Please contact the Facility Managers (Kate and Laura) at '' or by phone on 07724 518131 (9.00 to 1.00pm weekdays only)